Parents, Students Apprehensive After Final Meeting On OKCPS Plans

Monday, February 11th 2019, 11:16 pm
By: News 9

Oklahoma City Public School Board members had their final face-to-face meeting with parents about the “Pathway to Greatness” project

Despite multiple community meetings, parents are still apprehensive moving forward.   

Whether you’re in third grader like Henry Bowman or a concerned parent like Jim Rogers, change is hard.

“I kind of like my friends now. It's not that I don’t want transfers, I’m just worried a little,” said Bowman.

“They have a way of life that they’re used to - how they take their kids to school, when they pick them up, what to do when the weather is bad, how to navigate a child in school with their work situation,” said Rogers.

Rogers says some of those concerns could have been alleviated with additional information.

“We are troubled about the lack of transparency in the implementation plans for Pathway to Greatness,” said Rogers.

Information that OKCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel assured parents they would get in due time.

“All of these details will be a part of our presentation on the 19th where we answer these questions,” said OKCPS Superintendent Dr. Sean McDaniel.

Parent Ilariah Capasso isn't happy with multiple schools set to close near her home in the Plaza Arts District. She says over the past several years, millions of dollars in MAPS money were sunk into these schools only to be shutdown.

“These are schools that have received MAPS money and we just got a gym. And there are so many schools across the district in the same situation so,” said Capasso.

Parent Kim Fletcher says while her daughter loves Classen SAS, a school rich in arts, she may transfer to Norman if the realignment causes her to go elsewhere.

When she came to Classen in an environment where that was valued, she began to blossom, playing violin became cool, being a ballerina became cool,” said Fletcher.

Dr. McDaniel will make his recommendation on February,19. The board will vote March 4.