Woman Rescues Oklahoma Dog Born With 2 Mouths

Thursday, February 14th 2019, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

A metro dog is blazing the way for other dogs with special needs.  

Toad has two mouths and one ear. And while she may look a little unusual, her mother loves her all the same.

Toad's owner says she's her number one, quirks and all. She fell so in love with her, she was inspired to start an animal rescue focused on rescuing animals with special needs.

“Part of our goal is we say we want to save the unsaveable,” said Toad’s mom Heather Hernandez.

Three years ago, Toad found her forever home after locking eyes with Hernandez. Hernandez says she saw past what others couldn't ignore.

“Nobody ever knows what to make of it when we explain that she has a mouth in her ear,” said Hernandez.

While Toad's second mouth isn't functioning, it has teeth and even drool.

“It's attached to her esophagus and airways. So, when she drinks a lot of water, when she runs a lot, she gets tired or excited, then it drools a lot,” said Hernandez.

Nonetheless, Heather took her home, unsure of who rescued who.

“She came to me when I really needed her, and I’ll never lose that part of my life,” said Hernandez.

Heather says despite Toad’s physical challenges and unique appearance, she’s focused on what’s inside.

“A lot of people say she’s ugly and I get it, I say it in jest. But ultimately, I think she’s absolutely perfect,” said Hernandez.

After adopting Toad, Mutt Misfits Animal Rescue was founded. Since then, Hernandez says they've been able to home more than three hundred dogs.

A few of them have found their forever home alongside Toad and Hernandez’s family.

“Whenever I sit on the couch with all of my other dogs, everybody moves out of the way for Toad. Everyone knows that Toad gets prime snuggle spot. It sounds silly, but she is very much my companion,” said Hernandez.

Toad's vet believes she may have been deformed after adsorbing a twin in utero.