Man Arrested After Explosives, Stolen Cars And Guns Found At Grady County Home

Monday, February 18th 2019, 10:22 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Following months of investigation, agents with the Caddo County Task Force have arrested Eric Zeiset on 18 charges. Those crimes include possession of explosives, possession of a stolen vehicle, possession of a firearm after a felony conviction and possession of a controlled dangerous substance. 

Court documents reveal from May 2018 to September of 2018, investigators tapped Zeiset’s phone. They report of 133 subscribers who had contact with that number, 80 percent of them had a “confirmed criminal history.”

However, the Caddo County assistant district attorney said the big break in the case came in December of 2018.

Verden police made a traffic stop involving a man named Jose Acosta-Moya. Officers searched the car and found a half pound of methamphetamine.

Acosta-Moya reportedly then told investigators he was taking drugs to Zeiset.

He also said that, “Zeiset distributes methamphetamine on a large scale.”

“Mr. Acosta-Moya was brought in and agreed to speak. (He) said, ‘He was taking these drugs. It's not my first run down here. I've been taking drugs to this guy I know as E,’” said Assistant District Attorney Andrew Benedict.

The taskforce got enough for a search warrant for Zeiset’s home that sits near the Caddo County, Grady County line. When they arrived in January, they said Zeiset, "fled the area on foot" and could not be located.

Upon entering the home, investigators found three televisions connected to a "recording device and several surveillance cameras...". Motion sensors were also found on the property.

“Knowing that he was keeping such a watchful eye, we suspected he had a lot to hide,” said ADA Benedict.

Investigators said they soon found four stolen vehicles, nine stolen guns, ammunition, "…military CS gas grenade, one OC (pepper) gas grenade taped to an aerosol can, 10 electric blasting caps with the lead wires taped together to connect to a power source and one blasting cap wrapped in unknown rubberized material with gunpowder and pellets...".

When one investigator discovered the explosives, the home was evacuated until the tactical team could respond.

“The Oklahoma Highway Patrol had their armored vehicle there. They did have a helicopter there,” said ADA Benedict.

Zeiset returned to the scene days later and was arrested.

Agents said in the past, he had also stolen items from properties all around the area.

They're now trying to find the rightful owners.

“Everything from oilfield properties to cars, guns, basically anything he was able to pick-up and move,” said ADA Benedict.

Zeiset has a lengthy record, according to online court documents.

MDMA was also found by agents in the home.

The 18 charges against Zeiset have been filed in Grady County, which is the location of his home.

Acosta-Moya was also arrested.