Friends Mourn Edmond Couple Allegedly Killed By Their Son

Monday, March 4th 2019, 10:38 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Edmond police are investigating the tragic double-murder of Michael Walker, 50 and his wife Rachael Walker, 44. The couple’s teenage son is accused of shooting them multiple times inside their northeast Edmond home. 

Police arrested Elijah Walker, 19, on Monday for two counts of first-degree murder. 

A frightened 17-year-old called Edmond police just after 2 a.m. and reported hearing gunshots inside his home. 

911 Operator: “911, what's your emergency?”

Caller: “Um, there is a bunch of gunfire at my house, and I believe it was my brother.”

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When police arrived, they were able to use the PA system on their patrol cars to talk the suspect out of the house. They said later they found a handgun in the home.

Loved ones say Rachael Walker will be remembered for her radiant smile, and sense of humor.

Friends said Michael shared in Rachael’s comedic wit. But, his greatest talents were known to many local musicians.

“You say drummer and Oklahoma City, and it's Mike Walker,” said church bandmate John McCall. “I look up to him as a mentor, wish I had more time to tell him that. Everybody did...”

Michael was a giant in local music.

He played in the band Drive, at Life.Church Shawnee, UCO Music, South Western Christian University, and the list goes on.

Bandmate Tyler  sent News 9 a video message in honor of the couple: 

 Many notes cover Michael’s Facebook page, and each message contains a personal memory.

It is apparent to even strangers that Michael was instrumental in thousands of lives.

“He was just good to everybody, and if you were around him, you felt better…always always felt better,” said McCall.

Many loved ones are shocked that he and Rachael will no longer be in all of those familiar places.

They said the loss of their friendship is a great burden.

Yet, the greater concern is for the couple’s children, who will now live without their parents.

“It's the tough part. We can distract ourselves for a little bit and everything seems okay, but it will pop back in your head. Or, you will see a photo, or you will see a video and you think, that's not ever going to happen again,” said McCall.

It is still unclear what led up to the shooting.

Police said they will continue their investigation.

Elijah Walker was booked into the Oklahoma County Jail Monday night.