Cardiac Arrest Survivor Meets First Responders Who Saved His Life

Wednesday, March 6th 2019, 9:35 pm
By: News 9

A man was pulled from the jaws of death thanks first responders who rescued him. He was on the treadmill on Valentine's Day when he went into cardiac arrest. 

Normally, people that have been shocked seven times don't survive, so for somebody to be shocked 16 times and survive is phenomenal.

The fact that Rick Fugitt was able to walk into the Oklahoma City Fire Department is nothing short of a miracle.

“The cardiologist and EMSA told me that if the response had been one minute late, one minute late, I would have severe brain damage,” said Fugitt.

The 63-year-old suffered a cardiac arrest at the gym last month.

“You know, they put me on the ground and um, I got combative, I didn't know what was going on. I got combative with them. I struggled, kinda knocked things away. One guy held my hand out just put his knee right there on it,” he said.

As he fought them off, firefighters and paramedics struggled to save his life.

“One of the paramedics said that I was out, my heart had stopped, and my hand went right up and grabbed his arm. He said that was pretty freaky,” laughed Fugitt.

“I don't remember that part,” he continued to laugh.

The Oklahoma City man is now back on his feet.

“I'm healthy, I'm good, just gotta get my energy back up, get my heart stronger,” said Fugitt.

And he cherished the opportunities to meet his heroes.

“I was real impressed with everyone, just how quick and the quality of services that I received, how much they care. These guys really care,” he said.