Investigators Return With Bomb Squad At Home Of Edmond Couple Allegedly Killed By Their Son

Friday, March 8th 2019, 10:52 pm
By: News 9

Investigators returned to the scene of a double homicide armed with another search warrant and a bomb squad. 

Michael Elijah Walker, 19, is accused of killing his parents Michael and Rachael Walker in their Edmond home on Monday.

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Investigators were on scene for several hours. While police won't identify exactly what they were looking for, they said the public was never in danger.

Early Friday afternoon police officers, bomb technicians and their K-9's descended on a home where Walker is accused of killing his parents following an argument.

911 Operator: "911, What's your emergency?"

Caller: "Um, there is a bunch of gunfire at my house, and I believe it was my brother."

Elijah's sibling awoke to gunshots and called 911 Monday.

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When officer's arrived, they found the victims dead in a pool of blood.

“It's the tough part. We can distract ourselves for a little bit and everything seems okay, but it will pop back in your head,” said friend John McCall, victim’s bandmate.

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A search of the home later that morning would uncover multiple guns and knives, an AR-15, four homemade explosive devices, an inert grenade, handwritten notes with one listing the Ten Commandments.

 Police say through the course of the investigation, they were led back to the house.

Investigators combed through the property's ten acres and then the home.

After several hours, technicians emerged with three bags and placed them all inside the mobile bomb unit.

Investigators notified the victim's family several hours before searching the home a second time.