New Video Released In Deadly Hit-And-Run That Killed Beloved OKC Chef

Friday, March 22nd 2019, 7:04 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

New surveillance video could help Oklahoma City police solve a deadly hit-and-run.

The collision occurred in Oklahoma City Thursday morning, killing 31-year-old Chad Epley.

As police investigate, Epley’s loved ones are sharing the impact he had on Oklahoma City.

Epley was the co-executive chef at the popular downtown restaurant Vast.

Vast Director of Operations Kurt Fleischfresser was a mentor to Epley.

“Not only did we lose a great person, but he was going to have a great career. He was going to be one of the chefs you read about for years and be a mentor. He really came into his own,” Fleischfresser said.

Epley passed away Thursday in the hospital, several hours after the collision.

Police say a car, likely a black sedan, knocked Epley off his bike Thursday morning, causing severe head injuries.

Investigators say the sedan then drove away and dragged the bike 10 blocks.

Police are now working to identify the driver.

Meanwhile, friends are mourning Epley’s death.

Friend and fellow chef Kevin Lee, says Epley loved his job at Vast, but always had bigger dreams.

“That was his dream, to open up a small restaurant with fresh seafood and kind of highlight that,” Lee said.

When Epley wasn't in the kitchen, he was making his friends laugh.

Lee is just one of several friends to say Epley was more of a brother than a friend to those he surrounded himself with.

“He was really like my little brother, he was always there for me when I needed him,” Lee said.

Now Lee and Fleischfresser are using Epley’s name to inspire future chefs in Oklahoma City.

“Vast is a pretty busy restaurant, so he had to touch thousands of people's lives. Great celebrations. They come out for their anniversary, birthdays,” Fleischfresser said.

Police ask that anyone with information on the hit-and-run call 405-235-7300.