Bill Nye The Science Guy Helps Launch Planetarium Campaign For Science Museum Oklahoma

Thursday, May 9th 2019, 5:42 pm
By: News 9

The Science Museum had a special visit from the Science Guy this week. 

Bill Nye is in town to help kickoff a capital campaign for a new planetarium at the museum.

Bill Nye has made a career out of making education entertaining, and he's encouraging Oklahoma kids to get hands-on, and experience the resources that are available to them now and in the near future.

Hundreds of hopefuls lined up for a chance to see their favorite personality in science. For some, it's a repeat encounter - like first grade teacher Jackie Sandifer.

“He was really nice, and he was like hey, do you want a picture? Snatches my phone out of my hand and he was like here ya go!” expressed Sandifer.

Inside the sold-out auditorium, guests screened a PBS documentary chronicling his show. Climate change awareness has become a central focus of his mission, along with his work as CEO of the Planetary Society.

“Let’s explore. Let’s not get hit with an asteroid. Let’s find life in my lifetime!” said Nye.

These goals fit into the mission of Science Museum Oklahoma, as they prepare to raise $5 million to replace the 40-year-old planetarium there.

“We have the same equipment, but we have two-hour long lines waiting to see show,” said Science Museum Oklahoma Director Sherry Marshall.

The new exhibit will move into the Omnidome, using a state-of-the-art digital system to pinpoint objects throughout the universe.

Nye hopes this allows the rich history of Oklahoma space exploration to carry over to the next generation.

“Point out to everybody the enormous light footprint of Oklahoma City. People don't realize what a big city it is and how many lights there are, so this is a really worthy thing for the area,” said Nye.

Museum administrators hope Nye's star power will inspire you to invest in the stars.