OKC Couple Finds Meth, Stolen Items Inside Truck After Police Returned It

Wednesday, May 15th 2019, 10:34 pm
By: News 9

The owners of a popular Southwest Oklahoma City medical marijuana dispensary say “no harm no foul” after police “missed” a bag of methamphetamine, that had been sitting in the front seat of a stolen pickup truck. 

That truck belongs to Rick and Bunni Wheaton, who own “Rick and Bunni’s Dispensary” on Southwest 57th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue. The truck was stolen in the middle of the night last Thursday. Police found the truck Sunday and arrested the suspect who was driving it with fake tags.

When Rick Wheaton picked the truck up from the police impound lot, a bag of meth was sitting under a bunch of stolen clothes in the front seat of the truck. 

“It happens,” said Bunni Wheaton. “I’m just glad we found it and we didn’t get pulled over with it when we were driving, because that would have really sucked,” she said. 

A police spokesman says it’s very unusual for police to miss something like that, but police can make mistakes like the rest of us.