'I Just Couldn't Believe It': 2 Women Caught On Camera Taking Norman Family's Dog

Tuesday, June 11th 2019, 6:34 pm
By: Storme Jones

The Hall family learned their dog Milo had been stolen while they were on a Disney vacation last month.  

After returning to Norman, they discovered home surveillance cameras captured the alleged theft in full daylight. They also found the alleged thieves were associated with the Friends of the Shelter Foundation where they adopted the dog from more than a year earlier.  

“I just couldn’t believe it. I was heartbroken, and after seeing the video, we were just like wow – this really did happen,” Ann Hall said. “They just came in daylight and took the dog.”

Hall says her daughters are confused about the ordeal.

“When my husband pulled up the video, they saw it, too. I hate for the kids to see that it’s okay for someone to come to the house. I mean, I feel violated,” Hall said. “The kids have a bunch of questions, like why? Are they going to give Milo back? Is Milo okay?”

Hall says her mother was watching the dog while the family was out of town.

Police say surveillance video captured Lacey Mercurio and Farah Snider, both from Newcastle, steal the dog. Both have been charged with larceny, trespassing and conspiracy.

Snider calls the accusation that she stole the dog ridiculous. She says the owner requested to return the dog.

“She did not provide them permission, based on what we were able to determine, to come on to her property, go through multiple fences, take the dog, and leave without her permission,” Sarah Jensen with the Norman Police Department said.

Mercurio told News 9 Hall asked to return the dog.

“She requested that we come while she was gone as Disney,” Mercurio said. “[The dog] was also from a rescue and the contract she signed states that we have the right to revoke an adoption anyway.”