2 Men Arrested, Accused Of Brutally Attacking Man Outside Shawnee Bar

Monday, June 24th 2019, 11:15 pm
By: News 9

Shawnee police are investigating a brutal assault in a bar parking lot that was caught on camera.  

Police say while two men were injured, one of them required hospitalization in the ICU and was placed on a ventilator for two days.

“He actually told me he loved me, and told me he wanted a kiss, and that he was sorry, and I told him it's not your fault,” said wife Jammie Carolina.          

Two nights ago, Jarric, known as Shawn Carolina, was rushed to the hospital following the vicious attack.

“The EMT told me his suffering life threatening injuries, and my heart just stopped right then,” said Jammie.  

Jammie says her husband was leaving the Brick House Saloon when he and his friend were confronted by two men in the parking lot.

“He had called my husband an “n” word, that’s what fueled my husband,” said Jammie.

Jammie says earlier in the night the men argued but seemed to have made peace.

“The guy started buying him drinks, they were hugging, they were buddies,” said Jammie.

But once outside, the two men shed their shirts and one of them was seen throwing the first punch. Then, the shirtless men unleashed their fury.

Jarric was punched, stomped, and spit on. 

One of the men involved in the beating was heard screaming "you're dead," followed by a racial slur.

“To see someone you love so much, to get brutally beaten for the color of their skin, it's beside me,” said Jammie.

The men then seemed to congratulate each other before driving away.

Jammie was at home asleep when family alerted her.

“She wakes me up and is like get up, Shawn is laying on the ground lifeless,” said Jammie.

Police later arrested Devan Johnson and Brandon Killian. Police are looking into whether the attack is a hate crime.  

Once in custody, prior to being photographed for his injuries, reports show Killian was seen punching himself in order to redden his face. He had no idea he was being recorded.

Johnson and Killian are accused of aggravated assault.

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