Family Recounts 'Nightmare' In Bricktown During Shooting

Monday, July 1st 2019, 10:35 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Officers are searching for surveillance footage after a suspect opened fire on a crowd of people in Bricktown Saturday night. The shots were fired after the fireworks show downtown sometime around 10:30 p.m. 

Witnesses said they saw a group of teenagers huddled together, and that they heard popping noises.

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“Even my uncle said, is some kind lighting off fireworks? It was right there we could see it, it was big flashbangs,” said 16-year-old Sahara Brown.

Those bangs turned out to be multiple gunshots.

Sahara was with her family that night. She said that her brother hid behind the tree, and her dad and uncle took-off toward the shooter. Her mother, Tina, dropped to the ground for cover.

“I have replayed it over and over again,” said Tina Brown. “I really didn't even think it was a gunshot, until I looked over and I saw a gun and I saw a bullet hit the dirt.”

One victim was hit in the arm and is expected to be okay. Another victim, who was trying to flee the scene, hit their head and was also taken to the hospital.

Around 10 people called 911 that night.

The Brown family said that the suspect fired between 18 and 20 bullets. They think he emptied his clip. They also add that there were some people that even jumped into the canal for cover.

No one in their family was hit, but they are still traumatized by the extremely close call.

“We were having a good night, and it turned out to be really a nightmare,” said Tina Brown.

Police said the suspect is a male that is 5’8 tall and close to 150 pounds. They believe he was wearing a hoodie at the time and got into a gray pickup truck to flee the scene.

Right now, officers are trying to track down security footage of the shooting. The hope that it will lead to more evidence in the case.

Witnesses said it was dark around the canal that night. They believe more streetlights, or lights around the canal would detour crime.