'Golden Arm' Movie Scene Set To Be Filmed In Popular OKC Dive Bar

Wednesday, July 24th 2019, 6:40 pm
By: Karl Torp

A movie about the empowering world of female arm wrestling has found a home in Oklahoma City. 

The crew of "Golden Arm" is shooting the opening scene of their buddy comedy at Edna's Wednesday, July 24.

“A little bit smoky, some cheering, some drunks, maybe some fighting. It’s just a little down and dirty,” said Golden Arm Director Maureen Bhoroocha, about the videos she’s trying to create in Edna’s.

The movie takes place under the backdrop of an arm wrestling championship held in Oklahoma and stars actresses Mary Hollard and Betsy Sadaro.

The producers of the film are taking advantage of the state's film tax rebate program and raised the $1 million budget on their own.

Oklahoma’s Film Rebate program offers $8 million to projects annually, and a million more to big budget productions. The majority of those working on the film are Oklahomans.

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The inspiration for Golden Arm came from an article written by a co-writer of the film.

“I covered it for the Huffington Post, and we got such great feedback we thought, ‘Let’s write a screenplay. This is a movie,’” said Co-Writer Jenna Milly.

Crews will be shooting the film for two more weeks in Oklahoma City.