MWC Teen Cancer Survivor Recovers Stolen Make-A-Wish Gift

Monday, August 12th 2019, 7:16 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A metro teen cancer survivor is relieved after recovering a dirt bike that was stolen from him. 

The 2017 Kawasaki KX250s was stolen from Logan Shadrick, 18, while spending the night with friends in Midwest City on August 5.

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Shadrick survived a rare form of Leukemia.

“It felt really good to get it back,” said Shadrick. “I don't have to worry about looking for it and stuff.”

The family received numerous tips after seeing the story on News 9. The bike, while in decent shape, has been tampered by whoever stole it.

“The stickers are torn off, the break leaver is broke, and the clutch is messing up,” said Shadrick. “It’s making some noises, that’s about it and then they tore off the front number plate too.”

Brad Barghols, CEO of Make-A-Wish Oklahoma, is just as excited to learn the dirt has been recovered. All wishes are special to Barghols, but this was his first big reveal as CEO.

“We branded that thing, it had his name all over it,” said Barghols. “It had Make-A-Wish on it and I thought if they found it it’ll be in 100 parts, chopped for parts because they couldn't resell it.”

Some things just can't be replaced. Just a dirt bike to some, to Logan it’s a fresh start to a healthy life.

“I’d like to tell them all thank you. Tell all my friends and family thank you,” said Shadrick.

Shadrick told News 9 that this bike will be a bike he'll be keeping for a lifetime.