Wife Accused Of Helping Husband Escape From Bounty Hunters After He Jumped Bail In Edmond

Tuesday, August 13th 2019, 11:00 pm
By: News 9

A woman accused of harboring a wanted fugitive, her husband, is now behind bars. 

Last month, bounty hunters were closing in on Dustin Meadows in Edmond, when investigators said his wife helped him to escape.

Body camera captured the moment Meadows went on-the-run.

“There they go, there they go!”

Bounty hunters Bree Gilmore and Amber Van Brunt are heard yelling in the video.

“Come on Bree! Come on Bree! Come on!”

According to court documents, in July Meadows and his wife Amanda were inside their pickup as bounty hunters closed in.

Meadows was wanted after jumping bail, stemming from a drive-by shooting charge in 2018.

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New court documents revealed when Meadows saw the bounty hunters and Logan County deputies, he ordered his wife to throw the pickup into reverse, causing her to crash into this ravine.

Meadows jumped out and ran, leaving his wife behind.

Pleading for her husband to be left alone, Amanda later told investigators her husband, a war veteran, "was a good man."

“He could be a good person, but drugs change people. And right now, he's a criminal,” said Bree Gilmore.

Meadows’ wife admitted to trying to help him escape because, "she knew he was going to prison for a long time."

“Now that she's in custody, we hope he pokes his head out,” said Amber Van Brunt.

Meadows is believed to be hiding in Edmond between Coltrane and Post Oak. His former home sits there in foreclosure, and his family also lives nearby.

“I think he has a clan of people that are helping him evade the police and keeping him supplied with drugs,” said Gilmore.

Meadows’ wife was arrested Sunday, after she was caught shoplifting wine from an Oklahoma City Walmart.