Experts Warn Oklahomans To Watch For Blue-Green Algae In Neighborhood Ponds

Wednesday, August 21st 2019, 5:23 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

Dangerous blue-green algae that's responsible for the deaths of dogs across the country, has been detected in Oklahoma. And experts said folks need be aware of ponds in your own neighborhood. 

Amanda Marin has lived in her Norman neighborhood for 15 years and her neighborhood pond is easily one of her favorite places.

“It’s a great place to walk your dogs, neighborhood members can fish back here,” Marin explained.

But she does admit the recent headlines about blue-green algae has her concerned.

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“I’ve heard the stories on the news you’re just letting your dog go for a swim and within minutes you have a catastrophic problem.”           

And experts said Marin is right to be concerned.

“It’s just definitely something, especially with your neighborhood ponds to be aware of,” said Jeri Fleming, with the Oklahoma Water Survey.             

Fleming works for OU's POND program that works with neighborhood associations on their retention ponds. She said right now conditions are perfect for blue-green algae and homeowners should be watching for it.

“You kind of want to look for soupy looking water, so it’s kind of pea soup as you hear it described a lot or you hear it talked about green paint,” said Fleming.   

If you do have a concern, they will come out and look at your pond for free and test the water for a small fee. OU’s program also works with homeowner associations across the state on keeping their ponds healthy.

Marin said her homeowner association has been working with Fleming and her organization. And she was relieved to know their pond is fine for now.

“It’s scary and I don’t want to pay that price,” said Marin.

For more information for homeowners on OU's POND program go to or email them at