Oklahoma Superintendent Suspended Following Disturbing Sexual Abuse Allegations

Friday, August 23rd 2019, 6:30 pm
By: Erica Rankin

The State Department of Education has been looking into claims against the Superintendent of Peckham Public Schools, Gary Young. They have been collecting information of sexual abuse claims against him for about a month. 

“It spans multiple years, multiple age ranges, and includes all personnel and children,” said Brad Clark, General Counsel with the State Department of Education.

On Thursday, August 22 the State Department of Education drafted up an application for the State Board of Education to review. In the application the State Department of Education asks that they do an emergency suspension, which would suspend his teacher and superintendent certification.

Friday, August 23 the State Board of Education made the decision to follow through and do an emergency suspension.

The application details disturbing allegations against Young. One victim claimed Young called a group of girls into his bedroom. When they walked in there the student said he was laying on the bed naked.

Another claim from a teacher said that Young had made sexual advances toward her. She said she told him no, but when she did, he gave her poor evaluations.

There are many other allegations through the application.

“I always thought it wouldn’t get worse, but this is the worst,” said Cameron Spradling, an attorney for sexual assault victims.

Spradling said what he read in the application is unlike anything he has ever seen before, especially the allegations are about the superintendent.

“We are talking about the individual who is the one to set policies and procedures in place and then make sure people follow those procedures,” said Spradling. “This person is the predator himself.

The next step for the State Department of Education is to have a revocation hearing. But, as for Spradling, he plans to make an open records request to the Peckham School District.