Man Threatens Stillwater City Council Over Permitless Carry Resolution

Wednesday, August 28th 2019, 10:28 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Stillwater City Council passed a resolution Monday to symbolically put permitless carry to a vote of the people. The law is set to take effect November 1 and would allow those 21 and older to carry a firearm. 

But during the council meeting, members were threatened by an angry person who called the Stillwater Dispatch Center.

Dispatch: “Stillwater Police Department”

Caller: “Yeah, they are having a city council meeting tonight about getting on the petition to ban handguns…”

Dispatch: “Okay.”

Caller: “And I strongly advise that if everyone wants to stay healthy, that they table that vote. Thank you.”

Those against permitless carry said they disapprove, because it strips training requirements and makes it too easy for people to get their hands on weapons.

Supporters of the law said it’s a constitutional right to carry a gun.

Stillwater, ultimately, elected to support State Representative Jason Lowe's referendum petition.

The mayor said he believes the citizens of Stillwater want their voices to be heard.

“When the initiative petition came around, we felt it reasonable to support the idea of giving the people to vote on the bill,” said Mayor Will Joyce.

The city manager and former chief of police, said the call was an act of cowardice, and proved many are still misinformed about what permitless carry actually is. He said this is about much more than handguns.

“Didn't want to come here and provide their name, didn't want to enter a civil discussion about the matter,” said Norman McNickle. “As of November 1, an individual can strap on an AR-15 on their shoulder and walk into a big-box store, and from the history that's gone on in the United States, that's going to scare people.”

He added that the 911 caller in this case phoned-in from a blocked number.

The threat was not deemed credible.

Yet, McNickle finds a great amount of irony in the caller’s attempt to protect the Second Amendment.

“Tried to trample on other's peoples first amendment rights, in the right to redress the government,” said McNickle.

Statewide, and over the past few weeks, supporters of those efforts have been collecting signatures in various cities. Though, it has been met with opposition.

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The deadline to collect 60,000 signatures is less than 24 hours away.

The group “Moms Demand Action” gathered on the Stillwater City Hall steps, asking anyone and everyone to sign. Their message was clear.

“Common sense gun laws. Most Oklahomans want to keep the training and the permitting requirements,” said Beth Furnish, a member.

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt signed his name to the petition.

Oklahoma City, ultimately, shot down a local resolution in a 5-4 vote to support the state petition.

Thursday, Rep. Lowe will hold a press conference at his law office to hopefully confirm the number of signatures garnered these past few weeks.

Updates concerning the petition can be found on Facebook.

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