OKC Truck Driver Feels Stranded After Business Folds

Thursday, August 29th 2019, 6:37 pm
By: Karl Torp

A local semi driver feels stranded after the company she works for shut down while she was several states away on a job. 

Tonya McVicar had just picked up a load in Long Beach, CA., when she got the news that HVH Transportation out of Denver went out of business.

She had been with the company for less than a week.

“I drove off the route to the first place I could fuel and topped off,” said McVicar.

Soon after, her company gas card was cancelled and HVH wasn’t answering their phones.

HVH has around 300 drivers.

“Something needs to be done or the banks should leave the fuel cards on, so we can get home,” added McVicar.

The CDL driver doesn’t have enough money to fill her tank back up, so she’s trying to make her fuel last from California to Oklahoma.

She ended up dropping off her trailer at a truck stop in California with a note attached.

“I’m going to call the company today and say I’m so sorry I didn’t have a choice,” said McVicar, from Winslow, Arizona.

She’s now within 800 miles of home and plans to drive 60 mph to conserve fuel.