WATCH: Car Caught On Camera Blowing Past Stopped School Bus In Mustang

Thursday, September 5th 2019, 6:20 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Some moms in a Mustang neighborhood said they don’t let their kids go to the bus stop alone after they’ve witnessed multiple cars blow past stopped school buses with kids around. 

“It has been a problem around here, cars just seem to ignore the stop signs,” said Debbie Bunch, a neighbor who caught on car in action.

In the security camera video, you notice the big yellow bus stopped, but then you can see a silver car make a left turn to head towards the bus.

The car continued to get closer and closer. At one point, the bus driver even tried to honk to get the driver’s attention, but it didn’t work. Whoever was driving the car just kept going. 

Now, the moms want to share the video to raise awareness. They understand people are crammed for time in the morning, but take your time in a neighborhood and more sure to stop for the school buses.

“You think you are having a bad day because you are late for work?” said Bunch. “You’ll really have a bad day when you hit a kid and change their family and your life forever.”