Court Documents Reveal Victim's Account Of Abuse By OKC Police Officer

Friday, September 6th 2019, 10:31 pm
By: News 9

Court documents reveal new information surrounding an Oklahoma City police officer’s arrest. He allegedly threatened to kill the mother of his child and held her against her will. 

According to the victim, a fun night out with the father of her child turned into a long night of torture.

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The victim told investigators she and her child's father, Luis Maldonado, were on their way home from an Oklahoma City club when, "he hit her in the face" with his fist. The woman said, her "eye immediately began to water, and her nose began to bleed."

As she drove, she said the Oklahoma City police officer started, "pushing and yelling at her."

The woman said she was able to exit Interstate 240 Service Road at the Pennsylvania Avenue exit, where she pulled into a Shell gas station. She said that's where Maldonado ordered her out of the car, he got behind the wheel and drove them behind a shoe store.

She said once out of the car, Maldonado began to "hit her in the head with an open hand," and started shoving her into a fence. All the while, she said, Maldonado screamed, "I'm gonna [sic] kill you, you're dead, I'm gonna [sic] kill you tonight, your white privilege is over."

After getting back in the car and picking up the couple's 18-month-old child, the woman said Maldonado continued to hit her. She said at one point, he gave her a shirt and told her, "to put it in her mouth and bite on it, because he didn't want anyone to hear her screaming."

She told investigators Maldonado said, "it wasn't over yet."

Once at home, the woman said Maldonado "spit on her." She said the only way to make him stop was to provide him with oral sex. After, she said she didn't try to escape for fear "of him killing her."

The woman said Maldonado had threatened to kill her before saying, "you don't want to be on the bad side of a guy who loses everything."

Police responded the woman's place of work days later, after co-workers noticed her injuries and reported them.