Dispensary Owners Protest New Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Rules

Friday, September 13th 2019, 9:33 am
By: News 9

Dispensary owners protested Thursday at the State Health Department new medical marijuana rules and regulations that take effect Friday and Saturday.

Owners said the new rules make it basically impossible for them to renew their licenses and they don't have time to make all the changes quickly. 

At first, this started off as a "healthy discourse" last year, between dispensary owners and the State Health Department. Since then, owners said its "fallen off the tracks."
They also said they're concerned for their patients and how long it's taking for product testing.

While healthy people may feel ok going to a dispensary, owners said patients who are already sick might feel more uncomfortable buying products that haven't been fully tested yet.

Dispensary owners said they want the State Health Department to hear their concerns, and they're hoping for a grace period so they can have time to renew their licenses under the new rules.

"This could be over in an hour, this could be over with a simple press statement from Commissioner Bates, telling the growers we are going to give you a grace period on renewing your license because we screwed up," said David Van Risseghem, a mental health advocate.

To see break-down of the new emergency and permanent rules for medical marijuana, you can find them on the OMMA website. Again, those are going in to effect today and tomorrow.