Oklahoma Family Continues Kindness Campaign In Late Son's Honor

Monday, September 16th 2019, 8:14 pm
By: Karl Torp

A metro family's heartbreaking loss has sparked a campaign of caring. 

Keaton Barròn died last year from a type of leukemia that has a 90 percent curability rate. The 8-year-old had battled the disease for nearly six years.

“He was just so brave and positive all the time,” said Keaton’s mom Holly Barròn.

Months before his death, Keaton and a hospital volunteer started the “K-Club,” a kindness campaign. They started out by charging a dollar for membership and would tape the bill to hospital vending machines.

“We had parents donating $20, $25. All of sudden he had money to spend,” said Barròn.

Keaton got to pick where the money went, and one of his first big donations was money to build a well in Republic of the Congo.

“He picked it because that’s where Serge Ibaka is from,” added Barròn, who has turned the K-Club into an official non-profit organization.

Keaton has passed away, but the K-Club is as strong as ever thanks, in part, to his younger brothers.

Reed, 5, and Holden, 3, now hand out toys donated to the K-Club to kids they see while out with their parents.

The toys come with a note explaining the K-Club. The idea is that others will pass along the generosity in their own way. 

“Since Keaton is not around, we have to teach them about how much of an amazing kid he was,” said Barròn about Keaton’s brothers.

The K-Club will host a golf tournament in hopes to use the proceeds to build a special playroom for kids in treatment at OU Children’s Hospital.

The Barròns just welcomed another baby boy seven weeks ago, but that hasn’t slowed their work with the K-Club.

Right now, they are raising money for the St. Jude Walk-Run to Fight Childhood Cancer on September 28, at the Myriad Gardens.

The K-Club is also collecting band-aids at Keaton’s old school to give to kids in treatment. Barròn wants those kids to have a choice on what kind of band-aid goes a pricked finger.

To learn more or to donate, you can visit the K-Club’s website: https://www.kclubkindness.org/