Department Of Public Safety Preparing To Roll Out Digital Licenses

Thursday, September 19th 2019, 5:55 am
By: Ashley Holden

Oklahoma is expanding its beta testing on digital drivers licenses. 

State leaders said they are hoping they can roll out the official program around October 15th. 
People that are interested can head to the state fairgrounds to sign up. The vendor that the state is using, Idemia, and the Department of Public Safety are helping people sign up to be a part of the current beta test. Fair goers can find the booth by its number 1737 in the Bennett Event Center.
Those that are interested need to have their plastic ID and an iPhone. People with an Android phone will have to wait a little longer to participate, but anyone can sign up online. Android users will get a link via email when the mobile ID app is ready for that type of phone.  

David Ostrowe is Oklahoma's Digital Transformation and Administration secretary. He's been testing out the ID app since May and helping with the state's push for mobile ID's.

Ostrowe said that so far, they have about 2,000 people testing out the app. 

"The feedback has been phenomenal across the board from both interactions from law enforcement, bars [and] TSA," said Ostrowe. 

Now, he's hoping people will see that the app provides an extra layer of security. 

"To be able to prove your identity, to be able to put a stake in the ground against identity fraud, against both online financial fraud and credit card fraud, this is a truly unique product not only for the citizens of Oklahoma but for the U.S. in general," said Ostrowe.