WATCH: OKC Police Officer Caught Apparently Sleeping On The Job

Thursday, September 19th 2019, 6:30 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

An Oklahoma City police officer is under investigation after being caught allegedly sleeping on the job.  

The officer was not on duty at the time, instead working as an independent contractor for Embark.

The video was recorded sometime Wednesday, September 18 and posted to YouTube Thursday.

While parked in a private lot south of the EMBARK bus station near Hudson and 4th Street, the officer was approached by a man recording.

Eventually, the man knocked on the officer’s door and asked if the officer needed help.

In the first encounter, the man asked the officer to identify himself and he refused.

“Our procedure would normally to be to give our name to our citizen requesting our name unless you're in extreme circumstances,” said Captain Larry Withrow from the Oklahoma City Police Department. “The officer in this circumstance should have provided his name.”

After hanging around the patrol car, the man recording got into a second encounter where things escalated.

The officer told the man recording he was working an extra job. After taking the phone, the officer instructed the man recording that the phone was going to be “booked.”

Police said the man recording called 911, and eventually decided not to file a complaint against the officer.

The YouTube page where the video was uploaded has numerous encounters posted with security and police officers across the metro.

Both Embark and the Oklahoma City Police Department are investigating the incident.

Neither are identifying the officer involved or the woman in the passenger seat of the police cruiser.

“We are made aware of the possibility of someone trying to motivate you to do something you shouldn't,” said Withrow. “Encounters with citizens and how to properly handle that.”

The officer in the video has not been placed on administrative leave.

It's unclear if the officer was on break at the time the video was recorded.