Oklahoma Doctor Accused Of Opioid Conspiracy, Threatening Patients With Gun

Friday, September 20th 2019, 10:34 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

An Oklahoma doctor has been indicted by federal prosecutors for an alleged elaborate opioid cover-up. 

Investigators said Dr. David Quy prescribed drugs to patients who didn't need them, and then consumed the drugs or distributed them.

According to federal court documents, Quy was falling asleep in the exam room and had reportedly been taking Percocet.

Investigators believe the crimes spanned from November 5, 2014 to May 8, 2019 and have charged Quy with "Drug Conspiracy."

The document states Quy wrote prescriptions to four of his employees at the clinic and five of the employees’ children. He then asked them to fill the prescriptions and return the medication to him.

News 9 took a deeper look into Quy's history.

The State Board of Osteopathic Examiners confirms he was stripped of his medical license in May of 2019.

Their report reveals, an "auditor found that Dr. Quy was taking medication not prescribed for him.” Also, that Quy was "impaired to the extent that he falls asleep during exams."

The report states Quy was hitting walls, making threats to patients, as well as making "…racial and other derogatory comments…"

He even allegedly, "has taken a gun into an exam room and threatened to shoot a patient,” and "threatening harm and death to patients."

The auditor also observed several loaded firearms and a large amount of open and unopened boxes of ammunition in the office.

News 9 went to the office Friday, September 20, 2019 to contact Quy, but it was locked up.

Online, patients left previous reviews about their run-ins with Quy. One person said, "Please take the time to do research on Dr. David Quy before allowing him to have access to your medical insurance information."

Quy is facing a total of 56 counts of drug crimes in federal court.