OKC Non-Profit Holds 'Hug A Stranger Photoshoot' Event In Hopes To Spread Kindness

Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 6:34 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A local non-profit is working to help spread kindness in our community. They're going about it in a different way, through a photoshoot with complete strangers that will be held Saturday at Dunlap Codding in downtown Oklahoma City. 

The event called "Hug A Stranger Photoshoot," was organized by the non-profit YesLove OKC. The idea came to mind after the 2016 Pulse nightclub shooting in Florida.

“This provides an opportunity to talk to people that don't think like us, talk like us or even love like us,” said Albert Rios, CEO of YesLove OKC. “It forces us to step outside of that comfort zone and just make that connection.”

If a scavenger hunt (with selfie proof) doesn’t breaking the ice, questions to paired up strangers sure will. After all is said and done, a new bond is formed, and a photo is taken.

“I walk away with a sense of happiness because seeing different people coming together, there is something about that beauty,” said Rios. “Seeing the different skin colors blend, different genders, it really just reminds me that we are all part of the same place. We are here on earth to put our best foot forward and we are here to promote love and grow with each other.”

With its 4th year complete, the event continues to grow. Organizers hope if anything is taken away, it's to be kinder to one another.

“We can always learn something, even if it is the smallest thing from the opposing side,” said Rios. “Always just listen and be ready to be respectful when listening to them.”

Rios said he hopes to hold the event in larger cities, including New York City.