DA Files Briefing In Case Against Oklahoma Co. Judge Accused Of Failing To File Tax Returns

Tuesday, September 24th 2019, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

New developments surrounding an Oklahoma County judge embroiled in ethical turmoil and indicted for tax evasion have been released.

Last week, District Judge Kendra Coleman oversaw her own hearing denying the district attorney’s request she be removed from the bench.

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Tuesday, an appeal was filed.

In Tuesday’s brief District Attorney David Prater alleges prior to last week's hearing, Judge Coleman had already made up her mind as to what the outcome would be.

“She wrote out everything, her conclusion of law, her finding of facts and exactly what she was going to do,” said DA Prater.

DA Prater is now efforting a Hail Mary in attempt to have Coleman recused after presiding Judge Thomas Prince, who will make the final ruling, refused the DA's requested removal twice.

“We're going to keep doing what we do, and that's seek justice,” said DA Prater.       

In Coleman's hearing last week, the Judge Prince took the stand, but had little to say.

“Unfortunately, Judge Prince got on the stand and refused to answer. He's a fact witness and knows exactly what I was asking, and why I was asking it, and I believe we will get a ruling that will overcome his attempt to not testify,” said DA Prater.               

In his brief, DA Prater alleges Coleman has attempted to poison other judges against him and his office "through intimidation and/or unfounded claims of racism."

Fueling DA Prater's efforts are accusations of Coleman's ethics violations, tax evasion and allegedly calling Oklahoma County prosecutors racist.

And while documents now show that Coleman only recently paid her taxes in full for years 2015-2018, she denies the basis for her indictment on four counts of failing to file state taxes.

Coleman has been removed from all criminal cases and is presiding over probate court.