Moore Disabled Veteran's Truck Stolen With VA Files Inside

Thursday, September 26th 2019, 6:53 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A disabled veteran from Moore had his truck stolen. He said he can buy another truck, but it’s what was inside the truck that is going to be tough to replace. 

Disabled veteran Tim Bailey is trying to get his mind off what happened. He paid $32,000 cash for his truck, only to have it stolen days later. But even worse, inside the truck was his Veterans Administration file.

“My VA records, all my history from when I’d been in the military and just everything that I can think of that I’ve already been fighting for, and it’s been about a four-year process,” said Bailey.

Bailey needs those records to secure the benefits he earned in the service.

“Got all my medical records, all my VA records. I mean everything since 1970,” said Bailey.

Ask any vet and they’ll tell you, the military needs paperwork for everything. And often, getting that paperwork means hammering bureaucrats for months or years.

“Right, I’m concerned more about all my records, all my military records, it’s quite a problem getting them,” said Bailey.

Moore police are looking for the truck and the file inside. It’s a white 2019 four-door Ford Ranger with Oklahoma disabled plates, tag number DV8-896.

Bailey said he doesn’t care if he gets the truck back, but for the person who stole it, “I’d just like to return my papers. I mean, you can take ‘em wherever and just, I’d like to have my papers.”

If you’ve seen the truck Moore police would like to hear from you. And if you are the person who has the truck, Moore police are asking you, drop off the folder.