Yukon Mom Warns Of Fundraising Scam

Tuesday, October 1st 2019, 5:35 pm
By: Dana Hertneky

A metro mother is warning of what she believes is a fundraising scam. She said she was just trying to help a local football team but ended up giving much more than she intended. 

Darcie Bryant said she was doing some shopping after church on Sunday.

“I got approached by a guy saying, ‘Hi, would you like to buy a $5 Sonic card?’ I said what for and they were like, ‘I’m from Bobcat High School team, we’re doing a fundraiser for our football team.’”

She told them she didn't have five dollars cash.

“Oh, we have a square, my big brother has it,” Bryant said one of the boys told her.

So, she bought the card. But when she got home, the receipt was for $20. And the team's location was the Lake Hefner Lighthouse.

She posted about it on a Yukon Facebook page and comments began coming in of folks having similar experiences across the metro. She also heard from a friend who thought she bought a $5 card from Sam’s Club.

“She was like, I just checked, and I bought one on the 18th and there it was $20 bucks, so she shut off her card yesterday,” said Bryant. 

Bryant has also ended up having to cancel her credit card and is disputing the charges.

Oklahoma City police said if you aren't sure if a fundraiser is legit, give cash. They don't recommend using a credit card unless you can verify the organization is real, and it’s always a good idea to ask for some sort of proof.

Police said let them know if something like this happens.

“It’s not fair to those who are actually doing it and need it for valid teams, not just being greedy and trying to get $20 from every stranger they find,” said Bryant.