'Stop Abuse': Dad Protests Choctaw Day Care After Worker Allegedly Restrains, Injures 2-Year-Old Son

Thursday, October 3rd 2019, 10:45 pm
By: News 9

Choctaw residents took to a street corner Thursday afternoon, protesting a day care called "Kids R US of Choctaw." An angry dad told News 9 his two-year-old came home with a large blister and bruising on his inner thigh. 

DHS is investigating after John Crossett's wife noticed something was wrong after picking her son up from the day care.

After two-year-old Eli came home from day care with an unexplained injury to his inner thigh, Crossett and his fellow supporters took to a street corner armed with signs reading, "Stop the abuse! Tied down for an hour."

“The little boy can’t speak for himself; we’ve got to speak for the little boy,” said protester Francisco Hurtadle.

“You can see the bruising and rash on him,” said protester David Brown.

Initially, Crossett's wife attributed the marks to a possible diaper rash.

“After I came home and looked at it, I said, that’s not a diaper rash, that’s a blister, something happened,” said Crossett.

John returned to the day care Thursday morning, demanding answers that the day care initially could not provide.

“The initial response was nothing happened,” said Crossett.

But after he continued to push, Crossett got answers.

“First it was nothing happened, then I was told he had a 10-minute timeout, and then I was told he had a 15-minute time out,” said Crossett.

Crossett was told the day care worker strapped his son to a desk chair.

When Crossett asked to review surveillance video, he learned his son was restrained far too long.

“That’s when the director checked the tape, and she told me in tears it was approximately 50 minutes he was restrained,” said Crossett.

Crossett said workers allowed him to view only a snippet of the video.

“That’s when I said I want to see the whole tape,” said Crossett.

He said he was asked to leave, and police were called.