Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt Opens Up In New Podcast

Tuesday, October 8th 2019, 8:43 am
By: Grant Hermes

Oklahoma City Mayor David Holt opened up about his ambition and his future plans for the city in a new podcast released Monday.

The podcast, Defining Moments, is a one-on-one interview style show where guests are asked about big moments in their life that shaped who they are.

In a life full of achievement, Holt said it wasn't his time in the Bush White House or meeting his wife in college, but the death of his mother when he was just 14 that was his defining moment, saying it sharpened his ambition and gave him a drive to make the most of each day.

“It sort of focuses you on the necessity of living a full life and living for two people,” Holt said.

At 40, David Holt is the youngest mayor of Oklahoma City in nearly 100 years. He has overseen some of the biggest changes to the city in decades including the opening of scissortail park, the new convention center and the expansion into MAPS 4.

The Mayor also said he's nowhere near to completing his goals in OKC. 

He has a 40-page to-do list he'd like to get through to improve the city. On that list is revamping education in Oklahoma City, Holt said it'll be his focus in 2020 after the MAPS 4 vote this December.

“I think it's the greatest challenge facing our city's future and I think it deserves mayoral attention. I think a mayor is uniquely positioned to bring together the city leaders, the education leaders, the business leaders, the philanthropic leaders around a vision that we really don't have, “ Holt said.