Convicted Sex Offender Back In Jail After Failing To Register, Living With 3 Children Near Okla. School

Tuesday, October 8th 2019, 10:47 pm
By: News 9

A convicted child predator is accused of living with three young kids and near a metro school for weeks. 

He’s now behind bars thanks to an alert school secretary.

That person initiated an ID check and uncovered his criminal past.

According to court records, Isaac Wright was recently listed as a transient in Oklahoma City, and failed to report his current Choctaw residence.

Wright is back behind bars, a place he's been before.

“He had served 10 years in prison,” said Choctaw Police Chief Kelly Marshall.      

Police reports reveal in 2005, Wright served time for sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl, she told police, "he would choke her neck with his hands" if she refused him.

Once out of prison, Wright made his way to Oklahoma, eventually striking up a relationship with a woman online.

“According to mom, and he had moved into the home,” said Marshall.

Living with his girlfriend, Wright was illegally residing near a high school.

His girlfriend also authorized him to pick her three children up from Westfall Elementary.

“This elementary school did everything they were supposed to do,” said Marshall.                

The school's safety procedure requires all authorized individuals picking up children to present a valid driver's license.

When Wright failed to do so, the secretary called on an officer to investigate.

“When it came back as an aggravated sex offender, we knew he shouldn't be around children that weren't biologically his,” said Marshall.

When confronted, Wright made excuses.

“First he said he had never disciplined the children and focused on that, then he said the allegations were false and he had a lawsuit against the state of Texas,” said Marshall.  

The children's mother had no idea he was a convicted sex offender.

“She stated she was surprised, she thought he had done time for drug trafficking and when she took him downtown, she thought it was to see a probation officer,” said Marshall.  

Wright was booked into jail nearly a month ago, and court records show he's been there ever since.