Oklahoma City Responds To MAPS 4 Lawsuit From Ex-City Councilman

Wednesday, October 9th 2019, 10:25 am
By: Ashley Holden

Oklahoma City has now responded to a lawsuit filed by a former city councilman alleging MAPS 4 violates the state's constitution.

New legal documents filed by the city claim they are not violating the law.
Under MAPS 4, voters are being asked to extend a 1-cent sales tax for eight years, raising an estimated $978 million. The plan would include projects ranging from social services to arena construction.
According to the Oklahoman, the lawsuit, filed by former councilman Ed Shadid, claims the plan violates the state constitution's requirement that legislation be limited to a single subject.
Shadid's petition states, "The city is saying to battered women, that they may receive the help they desperately need, but only if they vote for a soccer stadium,"
According to the Oklahoman, the Supreme Court has not agreed whether to accept the legal dispute.
The city is arguing the case should have started in district court and the constitutional prohibition applies to state lawmaking, not municipal ordinances.
"If the voters don't like what the City is doing, the remedy is at the ballot box in the future and the voters can then vote out the current Council members," the city's brief states.

People can vote on the MAPS 4 plan on Dec. 10.