CCSO: Man Accused Of Shooting Woman Who Refused Sexual Advances Arrested

Monday, October 14th 2019, 10:31 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Investigators said Aaron James Beal is in custody after he allegedly tried to kill a woman who refused to give him oral sex.

Canadian County deputies said the crime was back in September, but Beal was found on Friday over three hours away from the original scene.

Beal had reportedly come to the city searching for work, according to Canadian County Sheriff Chris West.

During that time, he picked up a woman in Oklahoma City, and drove her to rural Canadian County where he demanded oral sex.

When she refused, the victim said Beal shot her and tried to run her over.


She told them she walked about a mile before she wandered upon some good Samaritans who offered to help.

Investigators said Beal’s truck was caught on surveillance footage and was shared through News 9 and social media.

The sheriff said tips came flooding in after equipment was scene on the back of the pick-up.

“We actually got contacted by the state labor commissioner's office. They regulate and license welders,” said Sheriff Chris West.

Canadian County investigators arrested Beal at his home on Friday.

They said they found evidence from the crime scene.

“When they got there, they talked to the wife. The wife is shocked too. She is a victim in all this as well,” said Sheriff West. “When he got back there were things that he did that were really strange. One of them was that he pulled out the car seats in his truck.”

Deputies said they also found a gun they believe was used in the crime.

The shooting victim also picked out the suspect.

“We had pictures of Beal, and when we showed her pictures of him, she said oh yeah, ‘That's him!” said West.

Charges are expected to be filed later this week.