Homicide Victim's Mother Upset With Okla. County Sheriff's Office Over Communication On Cold Case

Thursday, October 24th 2019, 6:27 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A metro mom is upset with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office over her son’s murder case, not because it’s gone cold, but because of the way she said she’s being treated by investigators. 

When Sarah Burdine learned her son was killed, she vowed to not let the murderer get away with it. She even wrote, “Momma and dad won’t rest until justice is served” on the plywood covering the windows that were smashed in the hail of gunfire that killed her son.

And she’s kept that promise.

But Burdine said there’s a big obstacle concerning the agency investigating her son’s murder.

“At this point, it is more of an adversarial that I have with them rather than we’re allies on it, both of us wanting to solve this case,” said Burdine.

Ciar Pierce, 23, was killed in August of 2012.

Police said a fight broke out at Shakers Sports Bar in Spencer and at least eight people, including Pierce, pulled out guns in the parking lot. A firefight began, and Pierce was shot and killed in his car.

According to police, although there were about 250 people there, no witnesses have come forward.

Burdine said investigators have stopped communicating with her.

“I’m very disappointed that their position with me now is I’m more of an irritant to them. Why are you still calling us? What do you want us to do? It’s at a dead end. I’m not OK with that,” she said.

“It happened at a club with 250 people. There were 89 rounds that we found on the ground,” said Mark Myers with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “By the time our investigators got there, there were four people. There was some gang involvement, and so folks aren’t just readily coming forward.”

Investigators said they’ll reach out to Burdine when there’s a break in the case.

“I know anytime that she has called that they have gone out of their way to speak with her. To sit down with her. And I promise you if there’s ever a break in this case or any new information that we feel is valid, she’ll be one of the first people that we reach out to,” said Myers.

“I’ve been more than patient for seven years and two months. There’s no reason why I would not be treated as an ally to them. So, I’m very, very frustrated,” said Burdine.