New Law Permits Children To Accompany Adult Inside Liquor Stores

Wednesday, October 30th 2019, 6:00 pm
By: Storme Jones

A new state law taking effect Friday allows children, accompanied by a parent or guardian, to enter liquor stores.

The change comes after proponents said grocery stores had an unfair advantage, allowing parents to shop for full strength wine and beer with their children while the same was prohibited in liquor stores.

Stacie Carra is the manger at Richards Liquor. She said the store regularly had to turn people with children away.

“I’ve had several leave, some carrying a baby in a car seat,” Carra said. “It’s a baby in a car seat, what are they going to do?”

She said she’s seen parents leave their kids in the car while they run in to pick up booze.

“We are in a relatively good area, but some areas aren’t so good around here,” Carra said.

She said her store has already posted “You break it, you buy it” signs and they expect parents to watch after their children amid the maze of glass bottles.