Edmond Family Says Mystery Person Returned Child's Missing Bike With 3-Page Apology Letter

Thursday, October 31st 2019, 6:19 pm
By: Erica Rankin

A metro family is thanking a mystery person after an 11-year-old’s bike made its way back to their home. 

Ryan Williams’s mom, Krystal, gave him the bike for his birthday a few weeks ago.

Ryan rode the bike day in and day out, even to school. But Krystal said he had a bad habit of leaving it out in their yard.

“I am always saying, ‘Put your bike up Ryan, put your bike up,’” said Krystal. “Then one day he called me frantic, “Mom, did you hide my bike?”

She said she didn’t.

Ryan had left it on the side of the house while he went to play football, and when he returned it was gone.

“I thought it was gone for forever,” said Ryan.

About two week later, the family noticed the bike back on their front porch. They couldn’t believe it, so they went to check their security camera footage.

The video showed someone riding the bike up to the house, laying it down and then putting a three-page apology letter next to it. The mystery returner then bolted down the street and the family still doesn’t know who he is.

“In the letter he said when he found out the bike was stolen, he had to find out what house it was from and return it to make it right,” said Krystal. “He also apologized for the incident and his friends actions.”

If the family never gets to meet the mystery man, they want to say thank you. Also, that they forgive whoever took the bike in the first place.

“Thank you for returning my bike and for the apology letter,” said Ryan.