City Of Edmond Approves Solar Power For 1 Percent Of Customers

Monday, November 4th 2019, 6:29 pm
By: Karl Torp

The City of Edmond is giving residents the right to go solar. 

After months of debate, the City is allowing customers to put solar panels on their homes and save power they don’t use.

Solar Power of Oklahoma President JW Peters successfully lobbied Edmond Electric for allowing one-to-one net metering.

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You can bank and get credit for solar electricity when you aren't using it. OG&E has had a similar policy for years.

But due to contracts with the Oklahoma Municipal Power Authority, only 1% of Edmond Electric customers can go solar.

“Unfortunately, 250 customers isn’t a big enough sampling of people that should be able to do solar,” said Peters.

Peters said Oklahoma is a top 10 state in solar potential, but near the bottom in solar power produced.

The website gives Oklahoma an “F,” ranking it 49th on solar policy.

Peters said the 1% cap creates urgency in Edmond, but long term it casts a shadow on the industry.