Family Seeks Public’s Help After Man Loses Wallet, Green Card At OU Football Game

Monday, November 11th 2019, 11:04 pm
By: Bonnie Campo

Losing a wallet is rough on most people, but it can be life-changing if you are an immigrant living in the United States.

On Saturday, Jose Portillo was one of thousands of people at the University of Oklahoma football game against Iowa State.

What makes Portillo different is that his home country is El Salvador.

Though he has lived legally in the U.S. for years, his family said he is required to carry his green card and social security card on him at all times -- something the average citizen is warned against.

When Portillo lost his wallet Saturday, those important documents went missing, too.

“All the main documents that police officers want when they stop you are now gone,” said Portillo's wife, Tara.

She said that for 20 years, Jose has kept the documents safe, but in the hustle of the crowd, her husband was left with a costly misfortune.

“The green card costs $540 to replace,” Tara said. “Even once you have been approved, like Jose has been as a permanent-resident alien, when you lose it or renew it, it can take months to get it in the mail.”

Jose and Tara have been married for 11 years, and the two have a young son together.

For now, Portillo is carrying a passport with him.

The family said they know one traffic stop could possibly change everything without those documents.

“Because how is he going to prove that he is here legally? Especially when you talk to him, it's very clear that he is not an American-born citizen,” Tara said.

But a tweet by the family has gotten some big-time traction online.



They are hopeful someone will return it, knowing the sooner they get it back, the better.

The replacement route takes a while.

The family's address can be found on the ID inside.

If you find the wallet, turn it in to OU, and ask them to contact the family.