Caught On Camera: Man Hit By Car During Alleged Drug Deal Gone Wrong In Edmond

Friday, November 15th 2019, 6:17 pm
By: Caleigh Bourgeois

Edmond police said a man was hit with a car after a drug deal gone bad Tuesday, November 12. 

The police investigation started with a man eating at the Whataburger parking lot, who noticed the whole thing and called 911.

“It was a very busy part of town right on Broadway, and he was just sitting there eating his breakfast and saw it all go down,” Emily Ward with the Edmond Police Department said.

Ward said the victim’s mother called 911 later that day for an ambulance.

Back at the scene, a bag of marijuana was located, according to investigators. Police said the whole thing was a bad drug deal.

“Pretty cut and dry. They were both 19. They had set this up together,” Ward said.

Ward said the victim was taken to the hospital, but police said he walked away without major injuries.

The suspect, Caleb McLaren, was arrested Thursday, November 15. 

“The DA is only going to pursue the assault and battery with a dangerous weapon charge,” Ward said.

Police said the victim won't face charges for the alleged drug deal.