Stranger Makes A Special Gift For Yukon Girl

Friday, November 15th 2019, 6:59 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Ruby Trammell has never been able to wear normal gloves because of a condition she was born with, Syndactyly. The condition causes some or all of the fingers and toes to wholly or partly form together. 

In Ruby’s case, her fingers on her right hand fused together.

“God made me this way,” said Ruby.

Ruby’s mom, April Horn, said for six years Ruby has had to wear mittens in the winter, because gloves don’t fit her fingers on her right hand. So, she decided to post on Facebook, asking if anyone would be able to help her make some gloves that could fit Ruby.

To her surprise, dozens commented to help. The first person to message Horn was a lady named Jessica. She said she would make Ruby the gloves, free of charge.

“It was very surreal to see something become as unique as Ruby,” said Horn.

Ever since Ruby was surprised with the gloves, she has been showing them off.

“My kid getting so much love and acceptance and kindness,” said Horn. “It has just been amazing, and very humbling.”

Now, Ruby has found a new bit of confidence in her gloves that are a perfect fit.

“Seeing her so happy and so confident with her hand, I mean as a mom you can’t ask for anything more,” said Horn.