Yukon Family Remembers Father, Business Owner Killed In Motorcycle Crash

Tuesday, November 26th 2019, 6:33 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A Yukon family is in mourning after their father and grandfather were killed this past weekend in a motorcycle accident. They said, the biggest tragedy is that it never should have happened. 

Just a week ago, 73-year-old Ray Davis celebrated 50 years in business as owner of Davis Carpet. Wednesday, November 27 would have been his 24th wedding anniversary. But he won’t get a chance to celebrate it. He was killed by a truck driver who wasn’t supposed to be driving in the first place.

Davis loved to laugh. He loved motorcycling. But most of all he loved his family. Today, that family is hurting.

“I wanted my dad. And I want my dad right now. I want to look in his blue eyes and I want to tell him he loves me,” said his daughter Candy Schwarz, unable to control her tears.

After serving in Vietnam, Davis spent his life building his business. But he always made time for family, for God, and for joking around.

“He had business cards that said he was an animal breeder.  And a marriage counselor. And a scientist,” recalled Schwarz.

Davis’ daughter Carey Vincent added, “He loved to get gifts, and then he would always put an onion in one of the gifts for Christmas and let the kids pick which gift they got.”

Davis was an experienced rider; he’d been doing it his whole life. But no amount of experience could prepare him for what happened Sunday, November 24. He went out for a short ride and an 18-wheeler, according to investigators, blew through a stop sign.

The driver, 26-year-old Donald Biffle did not have a license.

Davis’ wife remembers seeing the police pull up to the house.

“I just knew. I knew.  I mean, I knew. And I went to the door and opened the door, and they hadn’t said anything. And I just said, don’t tell me that my husband’s been in an accident,” said Debbie Davis.

“I’m so destroyed is the only way,” added Schwarz added. “I feel like a piece of glass that somebody has busted with a hammer, and I’m never going to get him back.”

The family spent the day together, laughing, crying, and remembering a father whose most important gift was teaching them how to live every moment like it was your last. 

“He wasn’t afraid to hug your neck and tell you that he loved you. He wasn’t afraid to say, I’m so proud of you or I’m so happy in my life, and on Friday the last conversation that Cary and I had with him was how happy he was,” said Schwarz.

Biffle remains in Canadian County Jail on a number of charges, including negligent homicide.