OKC Mother Accused Of Trading Sex With Daughters For Rent And Drugs; 2 Men Arrested

Thursday, December 5th 2019, 6:20 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

Two men are charged with child sex trafficking, and according to court documents, the children were being prostituted by their own mother. 

Oklahoma City police and the FBI worked together to make the arrests.

According to the federal indictment, the mother not only prostituted her two teenage daughters for drug money, but she also allowed her landlord to have sex with them in exchange for a break in her rent.

News 9 is not releasing the name of the mother to protect the identities of the children.  She has pleaded guilty to child trafficking charges and faces up to life in prison.

Investigators said the mother, who is a prostitute, lived in a filthy trailer home with her kids and that her landlord, Ronaldo Cifuentes-Lopez would give her a break on her rent in exchange for sex with the girls, who were 13 and 14 years old at the time. 

According to federal documents, “She explained that Rolando owned the trailer where she resided and periodically threatened to evict her and her five children if she did not provide sex to him and other men he sent to the trailer. He told her she would be able to pay less rent in exchange.”

Federal documents also state, “Rolando admitted to having sex with (victim) at one of his empty trailers..”.

Eri Leonardo Cifuentes-Lopez, an illegal immigrant who also goes by the name “Victor,” also admitted to having sex with one of the girls for money. 

According to court documents, “Victor confirmed that he had sex with (victim) at his home and paid $60 or $80, which she understood she would take back to (her mother). And, “(Mother) took the money from (daughter) that she earned from commercial sex. (Mother) spent that money on liquor and/or ice (methamphetamine).”

Almost as disturbing as the charges, neighbors said they knew about the prostitution, yet did nothing.

“She was bad news,” one neighbor told News 9. “She did a lot of prostitution herself and prostituted her kids out. And into drugs. A lot of bad things. You name it she did it, you know?” 

News 9 asked if the neighbor knew the woman was prostituting her children. “Yeah, I did. I did,” he said.

Investigators said the trafficking has been going on for years, and that the two men indicted this week have been in custody since last year.