Christmas Cards For Bayne: Oklahoma Family Asks For Christmas Cards For Stillborn Baby

Saturday, December 7th 2019, 7:38 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

A Coyle family is trying to turn a tragedy into a celebration of life. And they’re asking for your help to do it. 

Jordann and David Hampton were planning to have the most perfect gift anyone could ask for this Christmas. Their first baby; a little boy named Bayne. But two weeks before little Bayne was supposed to come into this world, something went horribly wrong. He was stillborn.

“They were excited.” The couple’s aunt, Ashlee Langston said. “There were all these things that you get ready for a baby. You get excited. You get the crib. You get the nursery. They got the new house. They got the baby shower. They got the pictures in Washington D.C., they got the big belly, beautiful beautiful maternity pictures. And you don’t get to bring that baby home. They drove home with an empty car seat.”

“It tore her up.” The couple’s uncle, John Langston said.  “It tore her up. I couldn’t imagine how she’s feeling. I wouldn’t even know how she’s handling it; you know?”

Pictures show the heartbreak the couple suffered, holding their stillborn son. 

“They’re so sad. To see David’s face. To see Jordann’s face. To see them with the baby. You just see the heartbreak,” Ashlee said.

 “Jordann talked about it as though Bayne was alive. As he was fully fine. He was fully functioning. 'You can bring him to me. I can feed him now.' All of these things. And then there was moments of, ‘oh my God my baby’s dead.’”

The family knows nothing can bring Bayne back, but they can ease his parents pain. They’re asking folks to send Bayne a Christmas card this year with a few words of support.

“She doesn’t want Bayne forgotten. Especially when we talk about Christmas and everything coming up. And she wants to be able to celebrate that with her baby, you know?” John said.

 “It would mean the world. It would mean the world. It would give her something to smile about,” Ashlee added.

Cards can be sent to:

Bayne Hampton

115 East Lewis Street

Coyle Oklahoma 73027