Oklahoma County Sheriff Extends Jail Transfer Deadline With Conditions

Tuesday, December 10th 2019, 6:28 pm
By: Aaron Brilbeck

The Oklahoma County sheriff is extending the deadline he imposed for the Jail Trust to take over the jail. But he wants something in return. 

Sheriff PD Taylor said he will give the county another 106 days, that’s until April 15, before they have to take over the troubled jail.

With all the legal and financial issues that come with turning over the keys to the jail, the sheriff said he will give the Trust a few more months to get their ducks in a row. He admits he was just bluffing when he set the January 1 deadline.

“The letter I sent out a few weeks ago did exactly what I was hoping. I was watching a situation where the Trust was really going nowhere. The county was going nowhere,” Sheriff Taylor said.

So, Taylor said, he imposed the deadline to speed the Trust and the county up. He said the April 15 deadline should give them enough time to safely take over operations.

“If they’re not ready to take over after 11 months, then maybe they need to look at the big picture and consider how much money this is gonna cost and maybe go a different direction,” said Sheriff Taylor.

Here’s the deal though: The sheriff said he wants jail employees to get at least a $3,000 raise and he wants deputies moved to another building or he could pull his offer.

“You know enough’s, enough. We need to get something in return,” said Sheriff Taylor.

County Commissioner Kevin Calvey said the sheriff is in no position to negotiate.

“The state law and our very trust document itself indicate the sheriff continues to operate the jail until such time the Trust is ready,” said Calvey.

“In my opinion Mr. Calvey is wrong on about 98% of what he says,” Sheriff Taylor replied. “I think he’s misled and misinformed the Trust members who want to come in and do the right thing.”

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