Oklahoma Woman Hospitalized After Being Diagnosed With Flesh-Eating Disease

Friday, December 13th 2019, 6:03 pm
By: Erica Rankin

It all started when Lori Goat found a bump on her leg right before Thanksgiving.

A few days later, she noticed it was worse and she became very sick.

On Dec. 2, Goat was admitted into OU Medical Center. For about five days, she doesn’t remember anything.

Doctors had to preform multiple surgeries when she arrived to take out as much of the flesh eating bacteria.

When Goat found out she had necrotizing fasciitis, better known as flesh-eating disease, she was in shock.

“Thank God I am alive,” said Goat. “Seriously, that was my first thought because I had no idea how serious it was.”

Right now, how and why Goat got the disease is still a mystery.

“There are many questions surrounding the illness that we would like to know,” said Dr. Rachel Franklin. “Primarily, what type of person and what type of infection puts some at a risk over other people.”

There is not set time for when Goat will released from the hospital, but for now, she feels lucky to be alive.

“Thank you, thank you. All I keep saying is, 'Dear Lord, thank you for letting me still be here,'” said Goat.

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