Lindsay Mother Says Daughter Is Getting Threats Because Of Trump Hoodie

Friday, December 13th 2019, 11:27 pm
By: Clayton Cummins

A mother is speaking out and said her daughter's life was threatened because she wore a sweatshirt in support of President Donald Trump to school.

The incident happened Wednesday during lunch at Lindsay Middle School.

Eighth grader Skyace Mann said she has wore the sweatshirt to school many times before but never had students threatened her life.

“She said that they called her a name and said that if they had a gun that they would shoot her,” said Ashley Mann, Skyace’s mother.

Mann said the students, who made the threats for approximately five minutes, are friends with her son.

Mann and her husband immediately spoke to administration.

“They were like how do you know this is going on?” said Mann. “They were acting like we were exaggerating like it didn't happen, they didn't want it to be happening kind of.”

Lindsay Public Schools posted the following statement to Facebook:

“The Lindsay Public School Administration along with the School Resource Officer and the Lindsay Chief of Police are currently investigating an accusation made by a student about an alleged statement made by another student.

"At this time the statement is not substantiated. We are continuing to interview additional students and will provide the results of the outcome to the party involved.

"We encourage students who hear something to say something. We will always look into every report.”

“I’m not a supporter of everybody but my kids don't go to other kids and say, ‘Hey, I’m going to shoot you since you’ve got that on,’” Mann said. “We all can believe what we want, love what we want.”

It's unclear if students who made threats have been disciplined.

The district's dress code said, "Clothing should promote modesty and should not disrupt or distract from the learning environment."

“She shouldn't of had to go to school and say ‘Well, if I have this Donald Trump shirt on, will I be bullied?’” said Mann. “I mean, I feel like it shouldn't happen in today’s society.”

The Mann family said all of their kids have been pulled from Lindsay Public Schools and will now be home-schooled.