Oklahoma County Residents To Vote On Sunday Sales At Liquor Stores

Wednesday, December 18th 2019, 11:05 am

Oklahoma County residents will be able to vote on if liquor stores should be allowed to be open on Sunday.

After about four minutes of discussion Wednesday morning, commissioners voted two to one to put the issue on the March 3 Super Tuesday ballot.

Grand Cru Wine and Spirits owner Dale Blackburn knows he's losing business on Sundays.

“You’ll see 50 to 100 people try our door,” he said.

If he were open, he thinks it would make up for some of the business he's lost since grocery and convenience stores started selling strong beer and wine.

“We’re asking for an equal playing field to allow our products on Sunday also,” he said.

Commissioner Calvey was the swing vote on the commission. Two weeks ago, he asked to delay the vote.

“I asked for it to be deferred so I could ask for input from people and I did,” Calvey said.

Calvey said after talking to liquor store owners and residents he decided to vote yes.

“The state just allowed Sunday sales at Walmart and convenience stores, so this is just a matter of evening the playing field and that ultimately is what made my mind up,” Calvey said after the meeting.  

Commissioner Brian Maughan was the one no vote saying he was concerned about the human costs of addiction.

“I don’t want to do anything on my conscious to vote for anything further,” he said in the meeting.

The Oklahoma Retail Liquor Association supports a vote and Cleveland County Commissioners already approved a vote by their residents.

If voters approve Sunday sales, stores won't be required to be open. Dale said he's not thrilled about working another day but believes it's necessary.

“You got to be open for the customer’s convenience,” he said.

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