Daughter Sues Father, Former Peckham Public Schools Superintendent, For Alleged Childhood Sexual Abuse

Friday, December 27th 2019, 5:48 pm
By: Erica Rankin

Another lawsuit has been filed against Gary Young, who is the former superintendent for Peckham Public Schools. This time, a civil case by his daughter, Ashlee Tollett.

Tollett who is now 38 is able to file the lawsuit due to the Hidden Predator’s Act, which passed back in 2017. It changed the age a victim of childhood sexual abuse could file charges from 31 to 45.

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“It is never too late to find healing from past abuse,” said Tollett.

The lawsuit alleges the abuse started back when Tollett was three years old with Young touching her inappropriately when she was in the bath. It continued through middle school, according to Tollett, with her father allegedly ambushing her from behind with wet kisses, slapping her bottom, trying to pop off her bras and more.

“I just happen to be one of his many victims and I just happen to be his daughter,” said Tollett.

Tollett had kept her deep dark secret for most of her life until recently. Now that she is sharing her story, she hopes it will give others courage to come forward if they have been abused by her father.

“I really hope that people and victims of sexual abuse will feel empowered and courageous,” said Tollett.

Tollett’s attorney said he expects the criminal and civil cases to wrap up mid-2020. When that happens, Tollett hopes healing will happen for her and the others.

“I hope it frees up a lot of people to put the blame and shame where it belongs, which is in his corner,” said Tollett.

Young is on house arrest, with and ankle monitor, and he is not allowed to talk to or reach out to anyone.